Two Degrees North builds a wide variety of custom and limited run furniture products in collaboration with top interior design firms and architects for various environments including: residential, retail, workplace, hospitality and institutional.

Shop drawings for each custom piece are produced in order to provide customers a clear understanding of construction details prior to fabrication.

Experienced craftsmen work, utilizing modern technology in combination with time honoured traditional techniques ensuring superior quality furniture pieces. We coordinate with an ever expanding variety of materials including steel, glass, ceramic and leather to ensure all details are considered and executed at a high level of finish.


  • Kitchen Table
  • Console
  • Shadow Console
  • Leather Wrapped Mirror
  • Canton Cabinet
  • Leather Console Side Table
  • Highland Cabinet
  • Side Table

Head Office Address

500 Keele Street, #202

Toronto, Ontario,
M6N 3C9

Contact Details

Simon Cooper

+1 416 531 4033

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